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Supporting Victims & Survivors Of Domestic Abuse In Ireland

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Through our Social Media and phone supports, you can get in contact any time you just need a sounding board or real advice.

Court Support Services

We can help you prepare for the Family Law Courts and connect you with experts in dealing with situations like yours.

Talks On Domestic Violence

It’s more common than people realise so why not have us speak at your school or workplace, this helps to save lives.

Hi, I’m Priscilla Grainger

Founder – Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland

A mother and daughter team, Ainie Grainger and myself founded Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland to work with those living the life that is domestic violence.  We’ve got first-hand experience of the complexities of living with violence in the home as a wife/partner, mother, daughter and the challenges that are faced as you try to build the life that you’re entitled to where safety for you and your loved ones is a priority.  Together with Ainie and a team behind the scenes it’s our mission to share with you the tools to help you reclaim the life you should always have enjoyed.

Hi, I’m Ainie Grainger

Co-Founder – Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland

Working alongside Priscilla Grainger, my mother and the woman who I owe so much to we have founded Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland to help those of you who are living in difficult family relationships move on to a better life.  I’ve grown up as both a bystander to domestic violence in the family home to become a survivor along with my mother to enjoy a happy life and a blossoming career in the airline industry. We didn’t always have it easy but my insight into the life of a child living in a difficult situation has proved invaluable in helping those taking those first steps to their new life understand the impact on children.

Our Expertise

I’ve Got Lots Of Roles – Survivor, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Business Owner

Priscilla Grainger “There truly is nothing like experience for helping you learn and in my many roles I’ve learned how to cope through the worst of times whilst still functioning in my role within my family and running my own business.  It hasn’t been easy but because I’ve lived this life I’m equipped with the survival skills it takes to bring you from rock bottom to moving forwards to the life you and your loved ones have always deserved.  Allow my team and I to help you.”

Victim Support

Taking the first steps and admitting there’s a problem so that you can learn to ask for help isn’t easy but we understand because we’ve been there so we’ve got first hand experience of the challenges and obstacles that at this point you see ahead of you.

Court Support

Family courts aren’t the easiest of places, whilst you can represent yourself we’ve hand picked a selection of experts who can work with you to secure court orders, help with access, maintenance, divorce, property, finances and more.

Take The First Steps To Freedom

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Talk to us by phone, text, social media – we’ll listen and our time is free.

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Within Dublin we can arrange to meet you, please get in touch.

Our Approach

Our practical approach to the many challenges that come with leaving safely from an abusive relationship will empower you to tackle the many complex issues that arise around psychological, physical, financial or emotional abuse.

We help you understand what is happening and how best you can make plans to safely move forward through the at times daunting courts process to a life that’s safe.

We are a non-government funded organisation and will not accept cash donations for our victims or survivors, we rely on fundraising and the generosity of our community.

"I thought I was alone. But I wasn't, SDVII was hope for me. It helped me escape a dangerous situation."

Abby G.

"I applaud these ladies that speak out. They will not stop at nothing until they get results. Keep it up ladies"

Kelly L.

"Priscilla Grainger I am forever grateful to, She is the biggest support. And does it so, given so freely, humble, genuinely with the best heart and interests been no.1. Thank you forever."

Barbara G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Stop Domestic Violence In Irelance Charge A Fee?

No, we never charge a fee for those who simply need a listening ear. We are self-funded through donations and fund-raising through our community of supporters.

Can you help us with the court process?

We’ve put together a panel of legal professionals, counsellors and financial experts who we can connect you with in order to take your case to court, fees will be paid directly to them not us.

Can you help us to leave an abusive relationship?

We’ll provide you with all of the tools to make your exit as safe as possible but you should be mindful that  a plan is part of the issue, you will need to take into account personal safety at every stage.

Is everything discussed in confidence?

We never share information disclosed by you with third parties, if you need a listening ear you can be assured of non-judgemental impartial advice that will never be discussed further.

Can you explain how the courts work?

We have experience at each level of the court system and can advise how to apply for court orders and what’s involved through to supporting you on the day if it’s required (Dublin only).

Do you arrange counselling?

We’re not counsellors, we’ve however worked with a number of professionals with extensive experience in this area and are happy to direct you to somebody who understands domestic abuse.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us via this form or by phone or email listed below or our facebook page.

In the case of a threat to your safety or an emergency such as an injury you should always call 999 or your local Garda Station.

(086) 869 7022

Ashtown, Navan Road, Dublin 7.

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